In 2012 I started shooting and posting a series of portraits of friends and folks in the local surfing world, along with short bios on each person, which I intended to use as a coda to the larger body of images book.  The title "Legends of the Sandbar" first appeared as a name for this collection.   The series is far from completion, and no doubt I will have to go on a marathon shooting spree before the book goes to press, and pray to God that I can catch the remaining folks on my list before they take off to Costa, Indo, PR, Nica, or wherever the hell else they're all bound this winter to surf warm waves and live la pura vida.  If you'd like to make my job easier, hit me up here or elsewhere and let's go take a picture.  In the meantime, enjoy this handsome crew of water-rats.  I've got to revise all the bios because, well, it's been a couple of years and some things have changed.  Stay tuned.