The conjunction of water, earth, and sky. This is where you find the soul of the Outer Banks. All of it, filtering a single light source, the sun, into a multitude of shapes, gestures, and tones. We're a little bit obsessed with the weather here on the Outer Banks, whatever the particular passions that draw us here may be. 

This set of photographs represents a fairly wide edit of the project, a grid of images that in an earlier time might have been shuffled around on a wall or laid out like dominoes on a lightbox. Most of these photos are in the book, but a significant number of them, due to lack of space, or in order to avoid repetition, did not make the cut. Regardless, I think they deserve a place to be seen, so let this gallery serve as a place for all of them to reside. 

All photos ©Christopher Bickford.